Detopsy Engineering Designers combine creative design with chartered engineering integrity, merging the lines between product, industrial, and engineering design.
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Detopsy Engineering Design Consultants

We are a multidisciplinary agency with expertise in engineering design and simulation. We create aesthetic, engaging and un-compromised designs that enhance performance and are fit for production.

At Detopsy Engineering, we do not just create concepts and ideas. Our expertise in design, simulation, engineering and manufacture provide a complete package and experience for our clients. Our aim is to create aesthetic, engaging, and uncompromised designs that both excel in performance and are fit for production. We design both mechanical engineering and electrical engineering systems.

What Our Engineering Design Consultants Do

We recognize the potential in every project and specialize in creating bespoke turnkey solutions. Whether that is end-to-end or at a pivotal point within our design and engineering process.

From conceptual design through to final form and function, we are committed to innovation and cutting edge solutions, aiming to push the limits of what is mechanically and technically possible.


CAD stands for computer-aided design and helps with creating, modifying, analyzing, and optimizing the existing designs. Such designs are easier to understand, for example, when discussing documentation. Besides, they are always easy to fix since every drawing is on the computer.

Every engineer or designer can create technical, engineering drawings, interior designs, architecture, animation, prosthetics, automobiles, ships, computer graphics, etc. The possibilities of CAD are unlimited as long as the designer knows its possibilities and has enough creativity to go beyond. The specialist can use both vector-based and raster-based graphics to create the necessary drawing.

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REVIT Engineering Design Modeling

Revit is a software that supports the BIM process. Think of it like this: Revit is BIM software, is not just BIM. BIM Revit models allow our engineers to Work with parametric objects, keeping in mind that each component has parametric qualities, we can:

  • Make quick edits or changes with no repetition. This software automatically updates whenever changes are made to a given model. It’s related to components, documentation, and details, affecting the building as a whole.   
  •  Create construction documentation, various high-quality documentation that’s automatically produced from 3D modelling processes, making the virtual reality experience more life-like, etc.

Need An Estimate?

Please schedule a booking to get an estimate based on any project you intend to execute. 

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