Detopsy Engineering is an authorized engineering procurement company in the supply of quality equipment combined with excellent Customer Service.

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Detopsy Engineering Procurement Consultants

Our mission is to be the first choice Engineering Procurement and Construction Company for our clients in Nigeria.

As an authorized dealer in Schneider Electric Products, Detopsy is the leading supplier of specialized products for nationwide energy and infrastructure markets. We partner with World-leading OEMs such as Schneider Electric, ABB, Himel, and CTORCH to offer a wide spectrum of products and services in the areas: Oil, Gas & Petrochemical -Drilling, Steel, Mining, and Marine. Our distribution platform spans across Nigeria.

What Our Engineering Procurement Consultants Do

Detopsy Engineering is an engineering procurement company focusing on engineering and technical procurement, and sourcing with a focus on Nigerian markets.

Detopsy specializes in solving customers’ procurement needs. We ensure that the products and equipment we supply are matched with their specifications and within their budget and lead-time requirements.

We provide the end-to-end supply of the products and equipment, from the manufacturer’s factory to the customers’ door anywhere in Nigeria.

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We understand the hassles of bringing these essential electrical products into the country, and the high cost attached to such a venture, hence, we strive to ensure optimum resell price by partnering with one of the world’s most renowned Electric product manufacturers such as Schneider Electric, Himel, ABB, Siemens, Philips. 

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