Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Is What We Do.

We will help sort your issues in electrical and mechanical engineering; design and procurement.

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We Are Premium Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Consultants in Nigeria Partnering With Schneider Electric.

We Offer Comprehensive Engineering Services

Within These Core Expertise 

Detopsy Engineering is dedicated to thoughtfully and purposefully designing electrical systems, addressing every factor that could possibly impact them. 

As a mechanical engineering consultant, we do so much more than crunch numbers. We design and consult on projects that provide our clients with an effortless user experience.

Our Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Consultants understand that construction projects are fast-paced, and even a single delay can lead to huge overrun costs.

Detopsy Electrical Shop is an authorized wholesaler and retailer of Schneider Electric ProductsABB Electrical Products, Philips Lightings and Himel Nigeria electrical products in Nigeria. 


Our mechanical and electrical engineering consultants create technical, engineering drawings, interior designs, architecture, automobiles, computer graphics, etc. We manipulate CAD to its highest possibilities and dish out unlimited sophisticated designs. Our specialists can use both vector-based and raster-based graphics to create the necessary drawing.

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Looking for mechanical and electrical engineering consultants in Nigeria you can trust?

Our engineering consultants have experience in plans, specifications, and construction administration services for many project types including low voltage, remodels, fueling facilities, site development, commercial, renewable energy, feasibility, and energy studies, LEED, and master planning.

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"To us, engineering means going beyond the norm to fabricating solutions that ensure we meet and surpass market demand. At Detopsy Engineering, we adopt simple, minimalistic approach to solving complex problems to maximize efficiency." - ENGR. ETOP INYANG (MNSE) - CEO

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